WD Production US

8/10/24 (SAT)

Commerce Casino Event Center

More InfoTicket inquiry: WD Production
WD Production US

Feb 3, 2024

Commerce Casino Event Center

Ticket inquiry: WD Production 626-350-1318

Meet & Greet Photos Available for Download Here

Lee Long Kei Summer Dinner and Dance Party

"Lee Long Kei Summer Dinner and Dance Party" will be held at 888 Seafood Restaurant on the evening of 8/25 next month (Friday).

There will be the radio anchor Wasabi as the host, and the live big band Lost and Found will be led by Zhou Guanliang. There will also be a guest appearance by Lost and Found vocalist Alice Man, and special guest Miss Hong Kong, Miss Lin will sing for everyone.

Ticket inquiry☎️: WD Production 626-350-1318

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Photos Available for Download

Meet n Greet Photos for Ivana Wong x Harry Ng Concert

Photos Available for Download

Ivana Wong X Harry Ng

Parkwest Bicycle Casino proudly presents popular Hong Kong artists Ivana Wong and Harry Ng on April 20th & April 21st at 8:30PM. Come enjoy live entertainment and the biggest action around at Parkwest Bicycle Casino! Exclusive for concert guests only, sign up for the Player Rewards and receive up to $50 in Free Play!

Ticket inquiry: WD Production 626-350-1318

Call 626-350-1318more info

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Get Your Ticket Now

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Welcome to WD Production

Welcome to WD Production

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Ring in 2020 San Hui Concert

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